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Logiealmond descendants visit the Estate

Estate Manager, Philip Blount with Rowan Logie and family

We’re thrilled to recount the extraordinary visit of the Logie family to our luxury Scottish holiday accommodation this July.

Rowan Logie is a direct descendant of Sir John Logie born in 1350. Sir John, son of Margaret Logie, Queen of Scotland (born 1330) second wife to David II King of Scotland, son of Robert the Bruce. Born Margaret Drummond, she married Sir John Logie, and following his untimely death, she then married David II. Margaret’s son passed on the lands to his son, also John Logie (born 1406), who passed it on to his son Sir John Logie (born 1431), who passed it to his son, Sir Lyon John Logie (born 1457).

Sir Lyon’s oldest child, Countess Lady Margaret Logie (born 1487) inherited the lands but the family connection to the area was dissolved when the union of Countess Lady Margaret and Thomas Hay concluded the Logie family’s direct guardianship.

This July, Rowan Logie and his family chose Logiealmond Estate as a stop on their sentimental journey through their illustrious family lineage. Their visit from Australia was in pursuit of their ancestral roots and a celebration of their enduring Scottish heritage.

We felt an immense sense of pride hosting the Logie family, providing them with an opportunity to explore the land that bears their family name and showcasing our commitment to preserving this unique piece of Scottish history. Our guests were able to witness firsthand how we uphold the legacy of their ancestors, nurturing the land and heritage with utmost care and reverence.

This memorable interaction has underscored our resolve to offer an experience steeped in luxury, a sense of belonging, and a deep respect for Scotland’s rich history. We are more than just providers of holiday accommodation; we are custodians of a rich historical legacy, offering our guests unparalleled immersion into Scotland’s vibrant past.


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