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Logiealmond Estate

Logiealmond Estate


Situated in a prominent location within the rural Perth & Kinross countryside, Logiealmond Estate has a unique natural setting encompassing the best of what Scotland has to offer. The aim of the current owners has been to utilise the wide range of natural and built opportunities that were present on the lands and fully modernise the estate environment using methods that are both sustainable and respectful of the local area. The owners have invested significantly in the reinvigoration, restoration and upgrading of the existing land and buildings, seeking to maintain the local distinctiveness of the Estate and creating a year-round destination for visitors to enjoy. 
In line with the Perth & Kinross Local Development plan, the Logiealmond Masterplan has created economic opportunities within the surrounding area. The refurbishment and restoration of a large number of formerly derelict estate properties have been carried out using local consultants and trades companies bringing economic benefits to the immediate surrounding area. 

Logiealmond Estate buildings
Logiealmond Estate

With a focus on protecting and enhancing the rich local biodiversity and landscape character on the estate, plans integrating native species planting have been implemented throughout the estate, allowing local wildlife to flourish including a vast amount of red listed birds. Large scale replanting further enhances connections with the estate to the wider green network. 


The estate aims to be as off grid as possible, utilising renewables such as photovoltaics and ground source heat pumps along with private water supplies and farming wherever possible. 


Important access routes both internal to the Estate and those that pass through have been resurfaced and improved. The additions of the main driveway lighting and entrance gates have improved the safety and security of the major access road through the estate which benefits not only guests staying on the estate but also the wider public who are able to visit the estate lands. 

The Craiglea Slate Quarry, also situated within Logiealmond Estate, holds historic significance as being one of only three roof slate quarries in Scotland. The spoil material leftover from the previous quarrying has been used where possible to upgrade works throughout the estate – an approach that highlights the estates commitment to improving the estate using sustainable, zero carbon methods where possible. 

Creating an abundance of natural, economic and social opportunities in the surrounding area, the Logiealmond Estate makes the most of the alluring landscape it’s set in, and is committed in creating a sustainable environment, eventually aiming to become carbon neutral. 

Craiglea Slate Quarry


Whether it be for recreation, relaxation or simply as a getaway to the Scottish countryside, there is something for everyone at Logiealmond Estate. A considerable amount of work undertaken by the owners has created world class facilities and accommodation. Most importantly, it delivers an exceptional guest experience, whilst staying committed to the sustainable core values it withholds.  
Following the ‘field to fork’ principle, guests can enjoy produce from cattle and sheep which have been raised locally, grazing freely in the low-lying grassland of the rolling landscape.  
Extensive woodland provides a home for red listed and registered birds and forms an idyllic backdrop to the Estate. Vast areas are harvested and utilised to assist UK wood production. At the same time, replanting at a much larger scale takes place to enhance the carbon capture. 

Highland cows on the Logiealmond Estate
Farmhouse on the Logiealmond Estate

Alongside everything the Estate has to offer, its game shooting opportunities, which is potentially the largest attraction, as well as clay simulated game shooting, bringing in guests from all around the world, putting Scotland on the map and providing revenue to the local area.  


The buildings throughout the estate have been refurbished, extended and built in ways sympathetic to the original, following the ecological philosophy of the estate. Slate from the spoil of the nearby Craiglea Quarry has been used extensively in projects throughout the estate minimising both embodied carbon and carbon emissions related to transport. Additionally, the projects utilise the latest renewable energy technologies like ground source heat pumps, biomass generators and photovoltaics.  


The Lodge proposal is the pinnacle of what the Estate has to offer, tying in with the scheme in its materiality yet standing out through its scale. Through its potential as a wedding venue, it’s expected that the Lodge will bring further employment and business opportunities to the local area.  

Finally, whilst the Estate is in a way self-sustaining and follows circular economy principles, it is by no means self-sufficient. It employs a large number of workers from the local town and has close relationships with several other local businesses which it promotes and works with. As such, it is important to think of the estate not only as an entity as of itself but as one which is connected and interdependent with its surrounding environment through the multiple employment opportunities it creates.  


Through its investments in enhancing the existing estate, including its improvements on tourism, farming, forestry and architecture, and on its continuing commitment to becoming a net carbon and off the grid environment, the Logiealmond Estate has created a one-of-a-kind setting which can be enjoyed year round.  

Logiealmond Estate farming
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