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Our History

The Logiealmond Estate dates back to medieval times and was sold to Sir John Drummond of Burnbank in 1668.

Thomas Drummond became the second Laird of Logiealmond, having fought at Sheriffmuir in 1715 as a Jacobite sympathiser. Although he was wounded and imprisoned at Carlisle, he was subsequently pardoned and got his estate back. During the 1745 Jacobite Rising he was imprisoned in Stirling Castle but again pardoned and his estate returned.

John Drummond inherited Logieamond from his uncle in 1757 and became the third Laird.

View of the Logielamond Estate throgh woodland

For 350 years Logiealmond estate in Perthshire has been in the ownership of two families. John Drummond bought it in 1670 and in the 1840s Sir William Drummond Stewart of Grantully and Murthly sold it to the Earl of Mansfield.

The Coach House at Logiealmond Estate

By 1846 the estate was owned by Sir William Drummond Stewart who sold the estate to William, 4th Earl of Mansfield. It became part of the Mansfield Estate as a summer retreat and a sporting venue.

During the Victorian times, the quarry at Craig Lea was developed and employed over 60 local at its height, and had its own railway line. Commercial operations stopped with the opening of west coast quarries which could load slate directly onto boats.

Many of the properties on the estate date from the 4th Earl’s time, and were built to support the Estate business, including stables and coach house, cottages for staff, a cookhouse, a mill and accommodation for his guests including a substantial lodge house for shooting and stalking parties.

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