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Sustainable estate - view of the mountains from Logiealmond Estate

Sustainable estate



The Logiealmond Estate encompasses land which has been variously used for woodland, arable farmland, and grazing, as well as countryside sports, and slate quarrying. We understand our role in the guardianship of the land, and the importance of improving it for future generations. 


We have made the most of the wide range of natural and built opportunities that were present on the lands and we are fully modernising the estate environment using methods that are both sustainable and respectful of the local area. We have employed local consultants and trades companies, where possible, to carry out the refurbishment and restoration of formerly derelict estate properties. This has allowed us to bring back into use land and buildings, as we maintain the local distinctiveness of the site and encourage visitors to enjoy the estate all year round. 

Logiealmond traditional cottage
Sheep on Logiealmond Estate


Our farm includes over 4,000 sheep grazing on the estate and a herd of over fifty beautiful highland cattle, all part of the Scottish Original black herd - half came from Lady Linlithgow and the other half came from the Balmoral estate. 


The vast green hills of the Logiealmond Estate form the ideal landscape for cattle and sheep to graze on. Following the ‘field to fork’ principle, guests at the estate can enjoy local livestock and produce which has been raised locally and left to graze freely. Our produce will also be available via our farm shop which is currently under development.

We are planting a barley field next to our proposed microbrewery, so we can brew our own beer from our own barley. 


Our extensive woodland extends to over 250 acres and forms an idyllic backdrop to the low-lying grassland in the Estate. We have been harvesting woodland to assist UK wood production and our replanting with mixed hardwoods integrating native species to protect and enhance the rich local biodiversity. Restoration of peatland areas is also helping to enhance carbon capture. The rich biodiversity of the estate houses a vast number of red listed birds including a golden eagle, ospreys, red kites, buzzards as well as breeding pairs of curlews. 

Logiealmond Estate

Through its investments in enhancing the existing estate, including its improvements on tourism, farming, forestry and architecture, and on its continuing commitment to becoming a net carbon and off the grid environment, the Logiealmond Estate has created a one-of-a-kind setting which can be enjoyed year round.

We are using our developments to the Estate as an opportunity to move towards being as off grid as possible. Our properties are now heated by ground source heat pumps and we use a private water supply for the properties and our farming. Many of our property restorations have high thermal performance, with insulated timber frames installed within the existing structure. 

The historic Craiglea Slate Quarry is situated within the Logiealmond Estate. It is one of only three roof slate quarries in Scotland, and closed in the 1960s. Geologically the Estate sits on the highland boundary giving us various different colours of slate. We have been using spoil material leftover from the quarrying for upgrade projects throughout the Estate. 

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